Frequently Asked Questions?

Most frequently asked questions

  • How long do I have to wait for my Railcard to arrive?

    Plastic: if you get a plastic Railcard, please allow up to 5 working days for your Railcard application to be approved and another 5 working days* for your Railcard to be delivered.

    You have the option of paying £6.50 for our Special Delivery service. Providing you have placed your order before 16:00pm this will guarantee that your Railcard is delivered within two days (Monday to Thursday) or three days (Friday to Sunday).


    Digital: if you get a digital Railcard, please allow up to 5 working days for your Railcard application to be approved and once approved your download code will be with you straight away.

    You can only start travelling on discounted tickets once you have received your Railcard. You cannot use your printed-out confirmation of sale to get a discount. The Railcard is the only proof of entitlement to discount that rail staff are able to accept.

  • How do I apply for a Railcard online?

    Simply select Apply Now and follow the on-screen instructions for a new application.

    You will need to provide proof of your disability to verify your eligibility online. Check that you are eligible here. Please allow up to 5 working days for your Railcard application to be approved.


    You will need to make payment at the time of application. Once your online payment has been successfully processed you will receive an email confirmation and acknowledgement of your application (this confirmation does not confirm acceptance of your application and cannot be used to buy discounted tickets).

    If your application is successful, your new Railcard will be dispatched within one working day by UK Mail unless otherwise specified. Please allow five working days for delivery. You will have the option of paying for Special Delivery which, providing you have placed your order before 1600hrs will guarantee that your Railcard is delivered within two days (Sunday to Thursday) or three days (Friday to Saturday).

    Your Railcard cannot be collected from a National Rail station.

    You will not be able to travel on discounted tickets until you have your Railcard – you cannot use the printed confirmation of application.

  • How do I submit evidence of eligibility if I am applying online?

    If you are applying for a Disabled Persons Railcard online then you will need to submit your 

    evidence of eligibility

    Files need to be provided in JPEG or PDF format with a maximum individual file size of 4MB. If you are using the mobile site, files can only be provided in JPEG format.

  • I wear a burka or a niqab – will I have to show my face in the photograph?

    If you opt for a digital Railcard, you must provide a photograph. The photo should have been taken with nothing covering the outline of eyes, nose or mouth. The rail industry applies the same rules as the DVLA and Passport Agency, so photos with a person wearing a full facial burka / niqab (a veil that covers the face) are not acceptable. If a member of rail staff is unable to validate that the person on your Railcard is you, the Train Companies reserve the right to charge you the full price Standard Single fare for your journey as if no ticket was purchased before starting the journey and in some cases a Penalty Fare.

  • When I upload my proof of eligibility nothing appears to happen?
    A: There could be many reasons why you are struggling to upload your evidence of eligibility. Firstly, please provide your evidence in JPEG or PDF format with a maximum individual file size of 4MB.

    If you are using Internet Explorer the application form requires that you configure your browser to enable to JavaScript. If you are still having issues, then we would recommend using Google Chrome to submit your application, which you can download here.

    (This link will take you to a website outside Disabled Persons Railcard is not responsible for content or software downloaded from external sites.)

  • I don't have an email address. Can I apply online?
    A: To apply for a Disabled Persons Railcard online for yourself you need a valid email address. However, if you don’t, somebody who does have an email address can apply for a Railcard online on your behalf.

    The process is very simple and starts exactly the same as normal, but when asked they will need to select that they’re applying for a Railcard for someone else.

  • What methods of payment are accepted?
    A: We accept online payment via credit and debit cards. The cards accepted are: Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, Maestro and Solo. We cannot accept American Express or Diner's Club.

    We regret that we cannot accept cheques or Paypal online.

  • Can I buy tickets at a discounted rate before my Railcard arrives?
    A: No. You must carry your Railcard with you on any journey where you have bought discounted tickets with the Railcard. Therefore, if you buy discounted Railcard tickets before you receive your Railcard, you do this at your own risk.

  • Can I buy a Railcard on behalf of someone else?
    A: Yes. If you wish to apply for a Railcard on behalf of someone else you can do so by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button.

    It is best to apply using your own email address and at the beginning of the application process you will be asked if you are applying for a Railcard for yourself or for someone else.

    You will need to submit proof of eligibility for the person you are applying on behalf of which can be uploaded in either a JPEG or PDF format.

  • I have a promotion code I’d like to use towards the cost of my Railcard but its not working. What can I do?
    A: All of our promotional codes have an expiry date, so please check that the code you are using is a current one.

    Alternatively, please check that you have read each character of the code correctly. We do try to use codes that are easy to read, but occasionally applicants can confuse;

    the letter “I” with the number “1” 
    the letter “O” with the number “0”(zero)
    the letter “S” with the number “5”.

     If any of these characters appear in your code please try their alternatives. However, if this does not work please contact the Disabled Persons Railcard office and we will do our best to check the status of the code you have. 

  • My Railcard has not arrived in the post. What can I do?
    A: You will need to wait five working days and then log back in to your Railcard online account, select ‘Replace your Railcard’ and then click on the ‘Not received’ button on the left. If you then press ‘continue’ this completes the replacement application process. Please check that your address is correct before you order. You will be sent a free replacement provided you do this within 30 days of your purchase date. We believe this is long enough for a customer to notify us they have not received their Railcard.

    If 30 days has passed from your date of purchase you can still request a replacement card, but an administration fee - £5 for a one-year Railcard and £10 for a three-year Railcard - will apply.

    You will not be able to travel on discounted tickets until you have your Railcard.

  • How can I change my address details if I am an online Railcard customer?
    A: Simply log in and enter your email address and password. Choose “Edit your details” to edit your address.

  • I am getting the message "Internal Server Error" during the application process. What can I do?
    A: The “Internal Server Error” message is a generic error message which relates to issues to do with the way your browser is interfacing with the Railcard website. Sometimes this problem can occur if you are using compatibility mode in Internet Explorer (versions IE10 and lower).

    In Internet Explorer 10 you can click the compatibility mode button to switch it on or off.

    In Internet Explorer 11 there is no compatibility mode button so to access the Compatibility settings you will need to click on the Settings icon. In the menu that is subsequently displayed you will find “Compatibility View Settings” – click this.

    In the Settings panel that displays, make sure that is not the box entitled, “Websites you’ve added to compatibility view”. If it is please click on the entry and click the remove button, then click to close it.

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Train Companies

If you have any questions concerning rail ticket prices or journey planning National Rail Enquiries will be happy to help you.

If you have any comments about a specific rail journey please contact the train company that provides the service. To find their contact details see the list of Train Operating Companies