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Most frequently asked questions

  • What is Auto-Renewal?
    A: Auto-renewal is a service designed to make renewing your Railcard easy.

    It is the facility to give your debit/credit payment details securely so that they can be used to pay for your next Railcard without you having to type them in again. Auto-Renewal is only available on 1-year Railcards.

    When you sign up to automatically renew your Railcard, your 1-year Railcard will be renewed at its expiry each year for as long as you are eligible for the Railcard and the credit/debit card that you originally used for payment is valid.

  • Is Auto-Renewal secure?
    A: Yes. The Railcard Service does not actually hold customers credit/debit card details. When you sign up for Auto-Renewal we notify the credit/debit card provider which then issues us with a secure token to charge your future renewals against. If you change or cancel your credit/debit card the token will cease to be valid. You can also log into your Railcard Account or call us and opt-out of Auto-Renewal service at any time.

  • Can I change my mind and opt out of the Auto-Renewal service after signing up to it?
    A: Yes – you can opt out of the Auto-Renewal service at any point. We will notify you one month in advance of any payment being taken.

  • Will I have the facility to reduce the cost of the Railcard that I am renewing through the Auto-Renewal service using promotional codes?
    A: You can use a promotional code for your first purchase. After this you will pay the standard retail price that is chargeable for a 1-year Railcard each the time your renewal takes effect. If you want to use a promotional code when your renewal is due you will need to opt out of the Auto-Renewal service ahead of the automatic renewal date and buy your Railcard using the code and your credit/debit card details.

  • Can I use Auto-Renewal to purchase a 3-year Railcard?
    A: No. Auto-Renewal is not available to use to purchase 3-year Railcards. If you wish to change the duration of your Railcard from 1-year to 3-years you will need opt out of Auto-Renewal before your renewal is due, change the duration of your Railcard and then pay using your credit/debit card.

  • When will my Railcard that has been renewed through the Auto-Renewal service be posted?
    A: Your renewed Railcard will be sent to you by Second Class post two weeks before your current one expires. Special Delivery is not available as part of the auto-renewal service.

  • Will I be contacted to be told that a payment is due to be taken through the Auto-Renewal service?


    One month before payment is due we will send you an email telling you the price of your Railcard, the date we will be taking payment, and the last four digits of the credit/debit card we will be using. You will then be reminded that you can opt-out of Auto-Renewal in advance of the payment date.

  • Will I lose any validity on my Railcard if I use the Auto-Renewal service?
    A: No

    Your renewed Railcard will be set to expire a year after the expiry of your current one. You will not lose any validity using auto-renewal.

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