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A bit more than flowers on Valentines Day

A bit more than flowers on Valentines Day

So you’re probably reading this and thinking ‘Agh! Valentines Day is approaching – what do I do?’ Maybe we can give you some ideas about how your Disabled Persons Railcard can help.

There is something about rail travel that is romantic.  Think ‘Brief Encounter’, Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson forever pondering what might have been.  Train journeys offer the chance to meet people, to explore new places and to isolate yourself from the world beyond you.


So given that your Disabled Persons Railcard offers you a third off rail travel for you and an adult travelling with you – where should you go? Here are some of our suggestions...




If you live in London you tend to forget that it can be one of the most romantic cities in the world. The route across Waterloo Bridge is awe inspiring with the City on one side and Westminster on the other.  Or take yourself up to Primrose Hill and admire the views across London at night.  Throw in to the mix theatres and restaurants and you have a choice of a range of ‘dates’ to satisfy all tastes.




There is something about the skyline in Edinburgh that is incredibly affecting. Journey along Princess Street, with the castle in the background and you are in another city that is made for romance.

You can even treat your partner like a King or a Queen with a trip to the Royal Yacht Brittannia.  All five decks of the Yacht are fully accessible to wheelchair users and there is an audio handset guide for visually impaired visitors.  They also provide a full transcript of the English Language tour for deaf and hard of hearing visitors.



Stratford upon Avon

Maybe big cities aren’t your cup of tea. Maybe you would prefer the intimacy of Shakespeare’s home town.  Aside to catching one of the bards works at the Theatre Royal?  Wheelchair access, induction loops and Braille cast lists and synopsis are all available.

Nearby there is also Ann Hathaway’s Cottage. Whilst this does not have full wheelchair access it offers a virtual tour to those parts of the cottage that are inaccessible. As Will himself said ‘the course of true love never did run smooth’ but then he also mentioned that ‘love looks not with the eyes but the mind’ so hopefully your imagination and sense of place will add to the moment.




A trip to the coast, a walk along the pier? Locals refer to Brighton as "B – right – on" and it is a very happening and funky kind of place. There are The Lanes for shopping, there is the Pavillion and there are endless pubs and restaurants to choose from.  Brighton is reputed to be the Gay capital of and it certainly has something to offer for everyone. There is even a Holiday Inn with sea views!



Staying In

Of course you might be think that it’s cold, it’s February and actually being single I hate Valentine’s Day. If that’s the case stay in, plan your trips for the rest of the year and go and visit all these places when there not clogged up with starry eyed romantics being mushy.




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