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New design improves the most visited transport website in Great Britain

New design improves the most visited transport website in Great Britain

The National Rail Enquiries website has been re-designed to make it even easier for passengers to find train times, identify good value fares and buy the best tickets online

National Rail Enquiries logo

The National Rail Enquiries website is looking smoother than ever.  New features have been added and greater prominence has been given to a range of functions designed to help you find the information you need, including:

  • Your Travel Centre, a home page which users can personalise to store details of favourite journeys and show the next available trains to their selected destinations on a Departure Board
  • Simple ways to buy tickets
  • Cheapest Fare Finder, which scans all the available fares for a selected journey to find the best value train tickets
  • Information on delays and disruptions to services updated on the website as they happen and with no time delay, thanks to rail monitoring technology developed by National Rail Enquiries

The site is more user-friendly than ever before. Sophisticated consumer research techniques were used to identify where people were having problems on the old website. Cameras tracked where the website's users’ gazes fell, and experts analysed how people moved around it. Taking this approach gave the developers a hit list of areas that could be made much easier to navigate.  Once enhancements were made, the researchers were then able to go back to see if users could perform tasks quicker on the new site.

National Rail Enquiries Chief Executive Chris Scoggins said: “This re-launch is great news for passengers. This is another fine example of how money raised through the sale of tickets is being invested by train companies to improve services for passengers.

“The new National Rail Enquiries website embraces the latest technology to provide passengers with a first class, state-of-the-art service.”