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Visit a friend

Visit a friend

Plan train journeys to your Facebook buddies and make the most of good value deals

If you’re a Facebook user, you have one less excuse for failing to hook up with friends. Thanks to a new application on the social networking site, you can now plan train journeys to your Facebook buddies and make the most of good value deals.

The new app, developed by National Rail Enquiries, which is operated and paid for by train companies, identifies the location of friends in social networks registered on the website. It will also allow you to plan journeys to events that you have been invited to, as long as the Event has its location filled in.

All you need to do is to log in to the Visit a Friend app. Make sure you keep your current location on your Facebook profile up to date and, if your friends do the same with their profiles, the system will be able to identify the quickest way for you to meet up by rail. It displays a list of potential journeys on your profile and, if you’re looking to buy a ticket the application can link you through to the National Rail Enquiries website, where you will find the best fares available.

Chris Scoggins, Chief Executive of National Rail Enquiries said: “The new application should make it even easier for people to take advantage of the great offers that are out there. Train companies sell half a million cheap Advance train tickets each week, with some allowing passengers to travel from one end of the country to the other for little more than a tenner.”