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Award Winning Priority Seat Cards

Award Winning Priority Seat Cards

Southern celebrates Putting Passengers First Award win at the recent National Rail Awards

Do you have a hidden or visible disability that makes it difficult to stand for long periods of time? Are you expecting a baby and find it uncomfortable to stand while travelling on train? Do you have infants with you and find it dangerous to stand and hold the infant at the same time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be eligible for a Southern Priority Seat Card.

Acting on passenger suggestions, Southern launched Priority Seat Cards in September 2009 and it has proved particularly effective for those whose need for a seat is not always obvious. Since its introduction, the number of cardholders has doubled and continues to increase.  

The success of the Priority Seat Card was recognised at the recent National Rail Awards with Southern picking up the Putting Passengers First award for the new card scheme.

The card is designed and advertised in a way that it means people travelling on Southern or Gatwick Express services know what the card is and understand the need to offer their seat to someone who is in more need than themselves and helps to avoid any possible embarrassment.

The Priority Seat Card is available on application from Southern Customer Services. The card itself is free but a £20 charge will apply if the card is defaced, lost or stolen.

Southern have enhanced the priority seating labels to make it easier to spot priority seating onboard, the logo is a blue triangle with a ‘P’ highlighting that the area is priority seating. The priority areas are usually allocated close to the exit doors for easy access .

For more information see the Southern website.

Priority Seat signs