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Railcard price change - January 2011

Railcard price change - January 2011

Disabled Persons Railcard price change from Sunday 2 January 2011


From Sunday 2 January 2011 the price of a one year Railcard is £20 and the price of a three year Railcard is £54.

This is the first price increase for the Disabled Persons Railcard in four years.

Railcards offer extraordinarily good savings for rail travellers. Unique amongst the Railcard family, the Disabled Persons Railcard is the only Railcard which offers a nationwide discount on most rail fares to the cardholder and one adult companion travelling with them. There is no minimum fare and no time restrictions on when the Railcard can be used to get discounts. 

Cardholders saved over £90 on rail fares on average this past year - these savings would cover the cost of a one year Disabled Persons Railcard four times over.

See Buying a Railcard or Renewing your Railcard sections for further information.