Frequently Asked Questions?

I am an Annual Gold Card holder and would like to buy a Disabled Persons Railcard for myself or someone else for £10. What is the process?

If you have a valid Annual Gold Card, you can apply for a one year Disabled Persons Railcard for £10 either online or by post.

To apply online, you will first need to email a copy (scan or photo) of the front and reverse of your Annual Gold Card to so that we can validate your eligibility for a £10 Railcard. Once confirmed, we will email you a unique promotional code to obtain your £10 Railcard. You can then apply for a Disabled Persons Railcard online either for yourself or on behalf of someone else, using the promotional code to obtain the discount and providing the relevant evidence of eligibility.

To apply by post, you will need to complete the Disabled Persons Railcard application form and return this with a photocopy of the front and reverse of your Annual Gold Card, a photocopy of evidence of eligibility and £10 payment to:

National Railcards
PO Box 10776
LE65 9FA

Annual Gold Card holders can buy one national or Network Railcard for £10 for themselves or someone else during the validity of their Annual Gold Card. The Railcard will be valid for one year regardless of when the Annual Gold Card was issued.

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