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  • Can I use my Railcard for tickets for travel on the London Underground?

    With your Disabled Persons Railcard, you and an adult companion can get 1/3 off Off-Peak Day Travelcards and  Anytime Day Travelcards when bought as part of your journey to London from outside London Zones 1-9 (Anytime Day Travelcards are subject to a minimum fare which is currently £22.60). Please note that your adult companion or the adult accompanying person must travel with you for the whole journey in order for them to also get the discount.

    You can also get your Disabled Persons Railcard discount loaded onto your Oyster card to save 1/3 on single peak or off-peak pay as you go fares on London Underground and Docklands Light Railway services in London. You will need to have registered your Oyster in your name to do this. Simply take your Oyster card and a valid Disabled Persons Railcard to a London Underground station and ask a member of staff to set the discount for you. You can also get the discount set at Oyster Ticket Shops and Visitor Centres.

    Please note that Oyster pay as you go discounts are for the Disabled Persons Railcard holder only.

    If the Disabled Persons Railcard holder is travelling on a Disabled Person's Freedom Pass, they cannot use their Disabled Persons Railcard to buy a discounted ticket for an adult accompanying person.

    See the Transport for London website for more details on Oyster pay as you go.


  • Can I use my Railcard on Eurostar services?

    Eurostar does not provide domestic rail services in Great Britain and so (unlike domestic train operating companies) it is not required to accept Railcards as part of its franchise to operate services. Eurostar does, however, give discounts to customers who have to remain in a wheelchair for the duration of the journey. For more information, see the Eurostar website.


  • Will I have to pay the full fare if I forget to bring my Railcard when I travel?

    Yes. You must show your valid Disabled Persons Railcard (digital or plastic) when you buy your ticket and travel on the train. Failure to present a valid Railcard will mean you have to pay a full fare or you may on certain services be liable for a Penalty Fare.

    However, a train company will normally allow you to claim back this extra expense on the first occasion in each year where this happens.

    Each train company will have their own process for doing this. You will need to provide proof of your Railcard and either the original and additional tickets that you have purchased, or if you have not yet paid, details of the notice to pay or notice of Penalty Fare. Where you have already paid for additional tickets you should contact the relevant train company’s customer services department; in the case of a notice to pay of notice of Penalty Fare, you should follow the instructions included on how to challenge or appeal the charge.

  • Can I use the Disabled Persons Railcard to get discounts on Season tickets and period Travelcards?

    We are sorry but the Disabled Persons Railcard gives no discount on Season tickets and period Travelcards.

  • Disabled Persons Railcard Terms and Conditions

    Please click on for important terms and conditions that you need to understand before you use your Railcard.

  • Can I travel on discounted tickets if my Railcard expires before I complete my journey?

    No. You will not be able to travel with your discounted tickets if your Railcard has expired. Discounted tickets are only valid if you are using them with a valid Railcard. You will need to renew your Disabled Persons Railcard before you begin and complete your journey.

    Click here for the step by step guide on how to renew your Railcard.

    If you have selected 'Digital' under ‘Choose the type of Railcard you would like’ section, your digital Disabled Persons Railcard will be available to use straight away. A download code will be sent to your registered email address, along with instructions on how to download your digital Disabled Persons Railcard. 

  • Will I receive the Railcard discount on any chargeable items I take on the train with me?

    The Railcard discount does not cover charges on various articles or animals.

    For details about which items carry a charge, and details of the charges, please call National Rail Enquiries on 03457 48 49 50.

  • Can I use the Railcard in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland?

    Railcards can be used for rail discounts in the area known as Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). They cannot be used for rail travel in either in Northern Ireland nor the Republic of Ireland.

    If you live in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland you can buy a Railcard to use for travelling in Scotland, Wales or England. For more information on concessionary rail travel schemes in Northern Ireland please see

    There is a domestic scheme of free travel for people with disabilities that is only available to Irish citizens who normally reside in the Republic of Ireland. There is also an All Ireland Free Travel Pass and this is available to people over the age of 66. This scheme is operated by the Department of Social and Family Affairs. See for further information.

  • Can I reserve a seat or seats if booking a ticket or tickets in advance?

    Yes, providing that there are reservations available on the service on which you are travelling. Many of the train companies will allow you to reserve a seat free of charge on long distance journeys. If an accompanying adult is travelling with you, then you will need to reserve two seats.

  • Can I claim back for any travel made while the application is being processed?

    You must be in possession of a Railcard when you purchase your tickets to be eligible for the Railcard discount, so applicants cannot claim back discount on any travel made whilst their application or renewal is being processed.

  • Which train companies give Railcard discounts?

    Your Railcard is accepted by all the Train Companies who operate Passenger Railway Services within England, Scotland and Wales. 

    Railcards do not give discounts on Eurostar services, Charter services, and Heritage Railways unless state otherwise. 

  • Does buying a ticket with my Railcard make the train company aware that I will need assistance?
    A: No

    If you require assistance to get on or off your train then you must book it in advance.

    If you are buying a ticket at a station or on the telephone to a train company then the person helping you should be able to help book assistance for you.

    If you are booking online, then it is likely that you will need to arrange assistance with the train company with whom you are travelling. For contact details of all train companies, see our Assisted Travel section of the National Rail website.

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